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Kairos – Day 6

Congratulations, we are halfway there!

“Know that there is power in the seek,” says the Lord.

“When you awake to seek my face, there is revealing power…protection power…healing power.” “Rise with tenacity to SEEK me. 

As you journey deeper into my heart I’m unfolding my plans and purposes to you and even those around you. I’m revealing the agenda of heaven to you. I’m unveiling the rhythm of my divine timing in your life. I’m causing you to be in sync with my agenda.

When your heart is postured to seek my face there is nothing you can not do! I’m mantling you with sonship (maturity) and blanketing your heart with the reality of the vision. 

Seek & you will find. Seek my heart. Seek my love. Seek my plan!

“Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His face continually.” ‭‭

1 Chronicles‬ ‭16:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Prayer today for:

God, we began this 2023 year knowing that we are not in control. We’ve made our plans, dreamed our dreams, and many have written resolutions, but only YOU know what tomorrow holds. You are sovereign – the Keeper of time, the Holder of this moment, the Writer of tomorrow. Nothing surprises You, and on that truth, we rest our hearts in your hand. We won’t waste this year, but we know this is only possible through Your work within our hearts. We know that hard times may arise and we will encounter the unexpected. We know there will be moments we want to give up, to complain, to compare, and to

doubt. We know we will inevitably fall short, and falter, but we know that You are greater than our

inconsistencies, and You are able to

move for Your glory through our


We want You  & we seek You Lord more than anything this year. 

In Jesus’ Name be glorified thru it all. 


Best Dad Ever

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