DEVO Day 14

What is Freedom? 

The concept of freedom is one that most Americans would claim to comprehend. But after generations of living free, do we really understand what would be lost if just a piece of our freedom were taken away? Remember the days just after September 11, 2001?

The airlines were shut down, and air travel suffered for months. Professional football games were postponed. Large events were canceled. The security measures implemented since then have cost billions of dollars and demanded countless hours. Imagine what life would be like if we suffered a barrage of attacks, truck bombs and armed assaults similar to what happens in places like Israel and Africa. An old saying warns that you don’t know what you have until it is gone. 

Truly, we take so much for granted in this country that it is easy to lose sight of how much is at stake. Our soldiers are risking (and some losing) their lives to protect our freedom. The rest of us must do our part to secure the future for our children and grandchildren, not only for the sake of our loved ones, but also for the cause of Christ. We must be alert & vigilant. This is where our prayers for freedom, protection and preparation, not just for America, but for all those other countries around the world that suffer through terror everyday. Only Jesus brings true and lasting freedom.

We must pray for the true liberty of this Country & for the Lord’s will to be done on this earth. God is waiting to hear from us about everything that concerns us. Not just about achieving the house with the two car garage and the six figure a year job, but also about our safety and the salvation / freedom of His people. It’s a season of great intercession, great change & the great glory of God. Lord help us walk in the liberty you have given us to secure all YOU want in this pivotal season. 


Thank You, Lord for the freedom we enjoy in this country. You have blessed us beyond what we deserve. Thank you for the gifts of transportation, recreation, financial security and especially, for the gift of You Son. We are guilty of taking Your blessings for granted. Remind us continually of how You protect us and cause us to prosper. Help us not to squander the freedom You have bestowed upon us. Help us to protect it as the treasure that it is. Help us to know the times we live in and live with urgency of your coming. 

Scriptures to Meditate on: Psalm 91 and Psalm 100 

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Alton A. Allen says:

Our freedom came at the cost of Jesus blood. His sacrifice was made out of love for us.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

Many in our society want the benefits of freedom without its responsibilities and boundaries. They want “God bless America,”

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