DEVO Day 20

Your Destiny

This life is but a grain of sand on eternity’s beach. Your ultimate destiny is more magnificent than you can possibly imagine. However, God wants to give you a taste of it right here in this life. He has a plan for you to accomplish. He has set you on a prearranged path with an intended destination. Has God told you to do something that looks totally impossible to your natural eyes and understanding? Do you here God calling you to go to the left instead of the right? Are you saying to God how, who, what, when or I can’t do that? Step onto that path that God is calling you to, and stay on it. Every step on this path is covered in God’s wisdom. Follow the flow of the favor He gives you. Listen and watch as He guides you past every obstacle and distraction. Know that your Heavenly Father is always guiding you with His right hand. Your destiny of greatness is inevitable. You have your Fathers word on it.


Dear Lord, you already know my purpose and my destiny. I partner with you to walk fully in it. You Lord ,direct my every step to fulfill it. Help me Father to accomplish every plan and purpose You have already set for my life, even when I don’t understand it or can’t comprehend Your predestined plans for my destiny. In Jesus name, Amen

Scriptures to Meditate on: Proverbs 19:21; 20:24, John 5:20, Romans 12:2

Best Dad Ever

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