Kairos – Day 10 (morning)

Proverbs 16:24: “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

Australia’s native bees make honey with extraordinarily high degrees of healing properties. Their hives are not made of wax and propolis like regular bees, but from pure propolis, giving the honey unusually strong medicinal qualities. The word propolis is derived from Greek, in which pro stands for “at the entrance to” and polis for “community” or “city,” which means this natural product is used in hive defense.

I believe there is a call to the Body of Christ to recognize a special call in this hour to look to Him for healing and to release healing by the power of His Spirit to our communities. It takes more than one bee to make honey. There is an emphasis on every joint supplying (Ephesians 4:16). 

It is a call for Believers to throw off any sense of hibernation and take their place in the hive.

As we are moved by the Holy Spirit, the army of God will mobilize like a great swarm of bees, as ministers of healing in us, to us and through us!

Day 10 we pray for the month of October

Prayer for every Godly Agenda, Pastors, Churches, Direction & Wisdom to navigate for this end time season. AMEN!





by Louisa McKinney

Best Dad Ever

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