Kairos – Day 4

Psalms 47:1

In Psalms 47:1 we are instructed to clap our hands, and shout unto God with the voice of triumph. The word shout means to mar by breaking, to split the ears with sound (figuratively), or make a joyful noise.  Furthermore, the voice of triumph is a ringing cry in entreaty, supplication, proclamation, joy, and praise to the Lord. It should be noted that the scripture reads the voice and not a voice, which indicates there is a standard.

Medically speaking, if a person is found unresponsive, the first person on scene checks the Airway for a blockage, determines if the person is Breathing, and verifies Circulation/ starts chest compressions (CPR). Incidentally, when a heart is not functioning properly, organs and tissues may die due to lack of blood flow. Finally, signs of life like responsiveness or movement, can be positive indicators to those around.

People of God, I submit to you that the Lord is our First Responder (John 3:16) and he is listening for signs of life from his people. Let us not be found unresponsive to his loving kindness, goodness, and mercy, but rather responsive with clapping and ringing cries laced with faith, trust, and hope that breaks or pierces his ear. Finally, in doing this instruction, it is a positive indicator to the Lord that we have an attitude of gratitude, our hearts are healthy, and life is flowing in and out of us. 

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