Kairos – Day 1

The Spirit of the Lord has spoken very plainly to me and this is His Word for RLFC. “This is the year to declare that, “The Word of God Still Works!” The Word works in us, on us, and through us according to Psalm 46:10-11. Verse 10a speaks, “Be still and know that I am God.”

With this knowledge, we are stabilized in our faith in God. With this knowledge, our courage to fulfill the Lord’s purpose and plan for our life is secure. Like never before, this knowledge causes us to stand and peruse the Lord in humble submission and great expectation. 

Psalm 46:11 Declares, the Lord of Host is with us! Therefore, in this set time, we powerfully advance for the sake of the Kingdom allowing the Word of God to work in us. 

Together we will prevail, overcome and conquer. 

Psalms 46:11 “The God of Jacob is our Refuge.”


January Blessings, May you walk forward confident of God’s love and assured of His promises to choose life, health, and strength for the journey ahead. In this season, there’ll be mountains to climb, valleys to pass through, and promises to lay hold of. God has equipped you, and He’ll be with you every step of the way. And here’s another promise: as you take every step by faith, you WILL come through this year stronger and more assured of who God is and who you are to Him. So move forward in faith, full of expectancy, that God is good, His promises are true, and He will always make a way for you! 


Best Dad Ever

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