Word for today…Lord Have Mercy

Day 3


What happened in Las Vegas at that outdoor festival where 59 were killed and 527 injured in a mass shooting should be an opportunity for earnest soul-searching in this nation, and intense prayer for believers. “It’s time to recognize that the cure for violence isn’t in Washington. It’s in the hope and the healing offered through faith in God, the same faith that has sustained our nation for two and a half centuries of very dark days like this one.” (Tony Perkins, President, the American Family Research Council).


I am reminded of a dark day Jesus encountered after he heard of the beheading of John the Baptist. His response was remarkable. Our Lord immediately stilled away to pray, he had compassion on the people & it seems as if His ministry intensified. The Bible goes on to say in Matthew Chapter 14 how Jesus healed the sick, fed the five thousand & walked on water. People were even made whole just by touching his garments. The tragic loss became miracles for the multitude. Wow!



Let our immediate response increase our intensity for the Lord and his Work. Let us press to love, unify, and really pray for all affected by the tragedy. Let us take heed not to get caught up in scoffing, hate, or division of the mob mentality associated with the world. These events seem to be getting closer and closer. The Bible speaks of the birth pangs before the return of the Lord. We are right there on the edge of eternity and this is the time for the Church of the Lord to rise up. Saints, WE ARE THE CHURCH, WE ARE THE LIGHT!


Prayer: Dear Lord, so much is broken, busted and less than what you meant for it to be in this world. When the brokenness and ugliness of sin leaves us broken-hearted and crushed in spirit, teach us about your nearness that we might be near to the hurting. Anchor us to Your salvation that we might throw another a lifeline, and lift our faces to You in the darkest night (even as moonflowers do), that we might know Your provision when hopelessness threatens to steal the light. Right these wrongs, heal the broken-hearted, and make all things new. God, we declare for your name’s sake…

Until the awe-inspiring return of the Matchless Lion of Judah, we are awake, we walk in our calling, we prosper, we thrive, we disciple nations, all by the power of the righteous, merciful & almighty God. Amen & Amen


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