Day 12

Word for today … A Revelation of God’s Love

Day 12


The blessings of the Lord are flowing in constantly this season. Pastor received this text this week from our precious Sister, Niya Caldwell. It was so inspiring, we asked if we could share it for this devotional. Thank you Niya.


Hi Pastor!


I got a revelation of God’s love today. I realized He continuously showed His Love from the beginning of time. He then came down in flesh to patiently teach & show the way; then died for our sins, descended, then rose from the grave, still teaching and showing love. Our Lord ascended, leaving us with the Holy Spirit, and sits on the right side of our Father continuously praying for us. Isn’t that something! I know you know, but looking around at the world and knowing His love for the entire human race will never dwindle is amazing. I see how He graciously vouched & died for us just to save and bring us back to Heaven. He took our sin, declared us righteous, and never stopped. Love stayed through it all, and will not stop regardless of how we act. That’s just mind-blowing. Wow!

Psalm 63:3, NIV
Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.


Best Dad Ever

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