Truth – Under Pressure


A common catchphrase for today is live your truth. In other words, since there isn’t a defined standard to go by, choose your own.  Yet, what would happen if we transgressed the laws of gravity by saying,  I’m a bird, that’s my truth and I’m going to jump off this balcony and fly, the one who tenaciously held to such a position probably wouldn’t do so well because the objective truth of gravity is FIXED, unflinching and unaffected by their subjective interpretation of truth.


Truth falls into 2 distinctive categories:

Subjective Truth an Objective Truth


One is subject to change, governed by no laws, and the other is fixed by GOD/nature and rigidly defined by a transcendent law which gives it its character.  Living YOUR truth sound quite attractive and even offers a false sense of liberty, but since the principles are subjective, they will always change from person to person.

If we have no objective standard to measure truth, then you can conveniently create, develop, and establish your own. That becomes dangerous… because it is at that point we become our own god.


Remember truth is absolute, not relative.




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