Day 3 Engage: Consecration By Cooperation

1 John 2:27a “But the anointing which you have received of Him abides in you…”

Consecration is to set apart and declare as holy. Cooperation is the association for mutual benefit. So, when we speak of consecration by Cooperation, we speak of a mutually beneficial relationship, that is sanctified (set apart) and dedicated to a sacred purpose. The Holy Spirit is the consecrator. He is the one that sets people apart and declares that they are holy to God. However, when He sets a person apart, they must cooperate with Him to get a particular task done thereby causing the consecration by cooperation to be beneficial to both parties.  The Holy Spirit has that person’s help, and that person has the Holy Spirit’s help. They are not competing but rather, they complement each other. They are workers together & thus cooperatives.

John the Baptist was a wonderful example of a man who was consecrated and who fully cooperated with the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:15-16).  When fasting and praying we emphatically chose consecration by our cooperation with the Holy Spirit. That combination is always powerful, always holy, and always effective.





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