Wisdom & peace to you this morning!

So, when things get worse, how should we respond?  With complaints, anger, fear, depression, self-pity,  doubt,
That God has a greater purpose than our immediate comfort.
That getting what we want when we want, it is not always good or His glory.
That our faith is more valuable than physical health.
That His strength will be sufficient for each moment in the day.
That his blessings are more than any trial. Our best response is in what & who we take our refuge. Just remember today’s what-ifs, I can’ts, and what in the worlds are meant to reveal our need to drive us to the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ. Stability, predictability, and manageability, were never meant to be security for us. We were made to hide ourselves in Him.
Psalms 46:1 ❤


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