21 Days Ablaze – Day 21

Our Corporate Consecration  has been & continues to be all about passionately pursuing God to work with extraordinary power—beginning in our own lives and spreading to those around us. Real revival is always birthed in and sustained by prayer.

That’s why fervent, ongoing prayer must be more than a program or fad; it must become a lifestyle of seeking God. As we pray for spiritual awakening, it’s important to remember that the scope of what we are asking for involves looking in to our own lives (turning from sin), looking up to God (asking for His manifest presence and power), and looking out to those around us (uniting to spread the hope of Christ-centered revival).

We believe God to do extraordinary things as we turn, pray, and unite for spiritual awakening!


Help us to be a prayer warriors who perseveres in seeking You day after day, joining in the spiritual battle to see strongholds of the enemy torn down in our life, our family, church, community, and nation.

Best Dad Ever

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