21 Days Ablaze – Day 20

Are you faced with a gap in your circumstances right now? Hear your Father say, ‘Surrender that problem to Me, because there is a miracle in your gap!’

God is setting you up for an encounter with Him. He is bringing you comfort; He is releasing faith.

Physically, a gap can be a break, or a space. A gap can also be symbolic, such as :the difference between your ability and what needs to be done,
The disparity between what you have on hand, and what you actually need, the distance between where you’ve been and where you’re going. The gap may be a trial, or a contradiction. It may be the sadness in your heart, when someone has left, or something has hurt you. Your gap may be a mystery. But it is also a place of promise.

Today, declare:


There is no void my God cannot fill!  There is no problem my God cannot solve.  No chasm He cannot bridge!

There is no need my God cannot meet.There’s a miracle in my gap!

Submitted by H. Calder


Best Dad Ever

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