21 Days Ablaze


October 1, 2022

Blessings Redeeming Love Family, Friends, Guest, and all that are joining us in the sacred time of fasting and prayer:

Our watch word for this season and the theme for this 21 Days Ablaze is to “HOLDFAST” (Hebrews 10:23)! The church in the book of Hebrews was facing great persecution simply because they were followers of Christ Jesus. The times were very tumultuous. The writer of Hebrews was sent by God to inspire the Saints to stand their ground. He is encouraging them to draw near to God and to cling to the confession of their hope in Christ Jesus.

To hold fast means we cling to it. We never let it go. Regardless of our circumstances, and what we think we see or experience, we stand firm.

This resiliency is from God and causes increase in our faithfulness and relationship with Him. We’re called to hold fast without wavering. It means we’re immovable and unbendable. This word is only used here in scripture. It means not bowing or bending. The idea is that we don’t compromise, we don’t
surrender, and we don’t move.

But what do we cling to? We cling to what we claim about Jesus. The confession of our hope is what we claim about Jesus. We must know Him to make claims about Him. This power in knowing is what we get from our time with the Lord and fasting only enhances that and brings about so much more.

We are reminded that God made the promises, and He is faithful. When we hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, we find the strength and the energy to do things that can’t be explained.  He can make our lives defy understanding. As we hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, we find the wisdom to go above and beyond.
Receiving the Lord’s heart and operating in His character are the reasons we can serve people wholeheartedly. We can invest in and give even more than is expected of us. We can cling to and expect the hope God promised regardless of our situation, or our circumstances. And when we’re asked, we can point people to the source of our hope, Jesus.

Like the church in Hebrews, we choose to draw closer to God, even in turbulent times. In this season of 21 Days of consecrated prayer, we align collectively to dismantle and push back the works of darkness; facing the end times we live in head on (in prayer). Let’s go into these days not only confronting darkness but communing with our great God. Buckle up & hold fast. This is going to be good.

In His Redeeming Love,
Pastor Tony & Louisa McKinney

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